Disc Decompression technology creates a negative

 Common Sense Wellness works with area Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists and other alternative health clinics to bring you leading edge technologies that actually works at correcting your spinal problems as well as other health related concerns. Specialized nutritional advice increases your speed of recovery. ST8 Technology removes your joint inflammation and improves lymph drainage.

  This is the only facility that guarantees improvement, offers a payment plan that fits any budget, and begins with a lower cost to you.BestBackPainSolution. Thermography exams on the first and fifth treatment to track your improvement. Pre-treatment spinal balance to improve nerve function

  Non-Surgical disc decompression is the last back pain solution you'll ever need. Ice therapy enhances healing

  This negative pressure also causes increased blood flow into your disc, providing specific nutrients so your body starts healing the way it was designed to. Hackbart

  Common Sense Wellness of Wayzata, MN has recently introduced new FDA approved technology that corrects the cause of neck and back pain without drugs or surgery.

  By David A. Some patients even fall asleep during the Drive shaft suppliers treatment process. That gives us the confidence to give our patients our exclusive money back offer if they see no improvement

  Disc Decompression technology creates a negative pressure inside your injured disc by gently pulling your herniation back into the center of the disc where it belongs. Genesis Technology, to remove muscle spasm and improve circulation.

Richter; MRI evidence shows beyond a doubt that repair of the herniated disks occurs readily using the disc decompression treatment protocol as practiced at


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